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The science and technology behind MDM Dance Shoes

The science and technology behind MDM Dance Shoes

IDS understand that dancers rely on numerous items of clothing to ease the stress of long rehearsal periods and to produce the perfect performance; but shoes are one of the most important pieces of equipment in a dancer’s wardrobe. It is not just part of a costume or an accessory, it is a product which affects a dancer’s whole body.

MDM Dance Shoes

A full sole shoe provides a dancer with resistance when pointing their feet but it doesn’t hold or support the foot. With research identifying that 70% of all injuries dancers experience are in the lower leg, Simone Goldsmith and Tim Heathcote, founders of MDM Dance, became focused on designing a shoe which supports a dancer’s foot whilst also reducing the chance of injuries - something which had been missing from the dance industry.

After years of research and experience, MDM Dance have designed and made shoes with purpose built technologies which activates, supports, and moves in harmony with the body, helping decrease the possibility of injuries whilst speeding recovery.
MDM Dance have successful created a shoe that features traditional values of quality combined with new technology that the dance world has never seen before.
MDM Dance have developed 3 key pieces of technology.

  • Dance Base Support – The patent applied Dance Base support is designed to support the heel and arch, and to offer optimal assistance to the foot when working or resting. This feature assists building strength in the small, often neglected, muscles by assuring controlled but natural resistance each time the foot points and flexes.
  1. Reflex Contour - A reactive stretch panel that is built into the mid-section of the shoe. It is a supportive, technical feature unique to MDM and it is a property which allows the shoe to automatically adapt to the dancer’s foot at all times.
    As the foot shortens in pointe position the Reflex Contour contracts, ensuring the Dance Base Support is positioned correctly to provide resistance to the muscles. A clean, aesthetic line under the arch is also achieved.
  2. Performance Compression - By applying the principles of medical grade compression, MDM Dancewear Expo Compression Foot Glove helps dancers perform longer and recover faster.
    When wearing Exo Compression Foot Gloves, blood flow is encouraged back to the heart, flushing lactates, and reducing recovery time. Additionally, muscles are wrapped in a protective layer that protects against tearing and soft tissue damage.

MDM Dance’s vision is to help unleash a dancer’s creative physical capability. Whether professional, amateur, or beginning, the technology is designed to harness an individual’s potential.

As an Exclusive European supplier of MDM shoes, IDS are proud to stock a product where extensive research has been invested in to bring dancers a premium quality shoe which encourages individuals to become stronger dancers whilst also helping to preventing injuries.

IDS currently stock three MDM shoes.

MDM Protract Jazz Shoe – With Dance Base Support this shoe is designed for a snug fit so the dancer will instantly feel the increased level of support for the arch, offering the highest level of protection.
MDM Dance Shoes
MDM Intrinsic Reflex Canvas Split Sole - A great beginners dance shoe, The Dance Base Support protects and supports the dancer by providing sensory feedback, controlled resistance and critical shock absorption while the Reflex contour dynamically expands and contracts in sync with the dramatic changes of the dancer’s body, maintaining aesthetic lines at all times.
MDM Dance Shoes

MDM Intrinsic Canvas Split Sole – With Dance Base Support this shoe supports and protects, providing sensory feedback, controlled resistance, and critical shock absorption.

Keep your eyes peeled for more shoes being added to the collection very soon.

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