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IDS’ top tips for a strong student teacher relationship!

Do you want to build strong relationships with your pupils? Here are IDS' top tips!

Turning your everyday passion for dance into a job or business is an honour for many of you; however, being a dance teacher also comes with huge responsibilities and a position of authority. Connecting with your students is not only imperative for the success of your business; but being a dance teacher allows you to have an influential difference on a child’s life to inspire, motivate and encourage them to learn the appreciation of dance.

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Here are IDS’ top tips for building valuable relationships with your pupils.

  • Be a role model

When working with children you are in a position of power to demonstrate to your pupils how they can become the best dancer and person they can be. Therefore, it is imperative as a dance teacher you are dependable, loyal, and attentive and show that you have your student’s best interests at heart.

  • Be realistic with expectations

Whilst many of your students may wish to be professional dancers some may dance for the purpose of improving their fitness, self-confidence, poise and discipline. All students must be treated with equal significance and offered the same opportunities.

  • Be knowledgeable

As a role model, many students will come to you for advice on professional opportunities for personal growth as a dancer, as a result you must be able to provide your pupils with accurate information about competitions, dance schools and further avenues for development.

  • Be the teacher

Whilst it is crucial to build a personal relationship with your pupils to show you are passionate about helping all of your dancers flourish, you remain their teacher and must put in place clear boundaries for behaviour and communication. You have a position of authority so you must remain professional and treat your students fairly at all times.

  • Be truthful

Your students are coming to you for dance lessons to grow and develop their skills, therefore you must learn when to give positive feedback and when to instruct how your students can improve and develop. They are relying on you to help them reach their goals and dreams so don’t hold them back by not being honest about their skills and abilities.

  • Teach more than routines

Teach your students about dance history, world renowned choreographers, the greatest dancers today, terminology and the best places to buy costumes and dancewear…. (Sorry, we had to pop that in there).

You also need to teach them to be kind, professional and dedicated, especially for those hoping to make it as a professional dancer. They have a long way to go to reach their goals and will encounter many setbacks along the way, so teach them how to take criticism and how to present themselves confidently at all times.

These are just a handful of tips to contribute towards building strong student teacher relationships. Many of you have been dancing and teaching dance for years, so if you have any more tips you know other teachers would find helpful, let us know so we can help encourage dance teachers all over the world to build the best relationships with their pupils.

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