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Selling show tickets just became stress free!

Are you fed up with all the admin involved with selling show tickets? Staying late after dance classes, taking phone calls at all hours of the day, printing and distributing tickets, keeping ticket sale records, allocating seats, handling money; the list goes on… Well Stage Stubs does all that hard work for you!

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We know that show time is a busy time, let alone the added stress of selling tickets! Stage Stubs is a FREE online ticket selling service. You get to keep 100% of the ticket face value, you can sign up in less than 5 minutes and save hours on ticket admin.

Stage Stubs is approved by IDS, so you can be sure that your ticket selling will be efficient and stress free, helping your event become a huge success.

4 great reasons to go with Stage Stubs

1. Sell tickets for FREE

When selling your tickets with Stage Stubs you retain 100% of the ticket face value. Your customer purchasing the ticket will pay a booking fee of 90p (inc VAT) to cover the processing costs. This is the most competitive rate on the market for ticket selling services so you can be sure your customers are getting the best deal. We would love to hear from you if you can find anything cheaper!

2. Flexible Seat Pricing

Want to charge more for those premium front row seats (a great way to maximise your revenue) or discount tickets for children? No problem, Stage Stubs allows you to display extremely flexible pricing. Whether you want to simply sell 100 tickets for a fixed price or if you want customers to be able to reserve a specific seat within a 1000 seat auditorium - Stage Stubs lets you do either. (Below is an example of flexible Stage Stubs seating chart).

Stage Stubs Seating Chart

3. Less Admin

We know that show time is busy (and stressful), so let Stage Stubs do the hard work for you and save yourself a few headaches. Stage Stubs will remove all the admin involved with selling tickets; so no more collecting money, banking cash, making sure you have a float, and no more long lists of ticket sales, no more staying late after dance class and dealing with particular requests from parents. Have some time back, do something you enjoy and let Stage Stubs do the ticket selling for you.

All you have to do is set up your event, which can be done in less than 5 minutes, and watch your ticket sales roll in with just the click of a button.
If you try Stage Stubs and decide it’s not for you, no problem! You can just walk away with zero costs; however, we are sure that you will love it!

Set up your event now and start selling those tickets in less than a few minutes.

4. Special Limited time offer for IDS Customers only

Receive up to £150 of IDS costume Vouchers when you sell your tickets on Stage Stubs

Advertise and sell your show tickets through Stage Stubs and receive a FREE IDS costume vouchers for the tickets you sell.

  • Sell 100 Tickets - £25 IDS Costume Voucher
  • Sell 250 Tickets - £50 IDS Costume Voucher
  • Sell 500 Tickets - £100 IDS Costume Voucher
  • Sell 1000+ Tickets - £150 IDS Costume Voucher

To claim this offer enter PROMOCODE: IDSSHOW when you register as a seller on Stage Stubs. This promotion is only valid for shows advertised on Stage Stubs by 30th April 2017. IDS vouchers are vaild until 31st December 2018

Once you have completed your event and have reached the above quota call Stage Stubs on 033 0333 5959 to claim your IDS Costume Voucher. For full Ts&Cs click here

For Information you can contact Stage Stubs by calling 033 0333 5959 or dropping an
email to [hello@stagestubs.com](mailto: hello@stagestubs.com)