From Showroom to Showtime!

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Planning your next show? Come and visit our Showroom for expert advice and inspiration!

Here at our IDS office in South Devon, we have an excellent Showroom service! Come and view our wonderful collection of Costumes, Association Uniform, Dancewear, Shoes and Dance Accessories.

If you are planning a show or updating your uniform, it really does help to see our stunning range of products, feel the fabrics, and experience the quality of our garments first hand.

Here at IDS we love meeting our customers! Our expert customer service advisors are always happy to help with suggestions, tips, and inspiration, should you feel you need any.
Not only does our Showroom provide you with a fantastic opportunity to plan for your shows or update your uniform; we also have other benefits including 10% off your order when you visit the Showroom!

So whether you want to book your first Showroom appointment, or you are a returning customer and fancy a short get-away to beautiful Devon; give us a call today to book an appointment and find out more about this amazing opportunity.


To book your exclusive visit and take advantage of your 10% discount offered when you visit the Showroom, then call Kate (Showroom Manager) on +44 (0) 1626 88 22 05 or simply email today. For more information, please visit