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Dance Studio Software

Simple and affordable dance school admin software

So you set up your dance school because of your passion for dance, now you realise that a passion for admin would be better suited! It's time to throw away the mountain of files and complicated spreadsheets and let Dance Studio Software do the heavy lifting for you.


Class Manager will help you with all your student admin so you can focus on what you love, teaching. No over the-the-top features, just what you need, when you need it. Class Manager can be accessed from your laptop, tablet or phone making it easy to use, wherever you are.

Affordable and simple dance school admin software

Class Manager is the most competitively priced dance admin software on the market and with no setup fee and no contract, there's no better time to set up your online software system than now!

Class Manager is approved by IDS, Europe's leading dancewear company.

You can get started by registering for your FREE 30 day trial at classmanager.com

What is dance studio software?

Class Manager is like employing your own personal assistant and will do all of the admin tasks you don't have the time to do:

  • Billing & Payments (Including Automatic Invoicing)
  • Student Enrollment
  • Exam Board Records
  • Dance Class Registers
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Studio Timetables
  • Easy one-to-all message communication
  • Parent Portal (Coming soon!)

4 great reasons to go with Class Manager

1. Easy to use

Straight forward and intuitive Class Manager is the perfect Dance Studio Software for you - it's so easy that anyone can use it!


2. Free to set up then a low fixed monthly charge

One price for everyone means that you won't get penalised with higher fees as your school grows.

Our standard monthly subscription fee is only £25 per month, regardless of the number of students you have and we don't change extras for additional features.
One price really is all you will pay.

For full pricing information please see https://classmanager.com/pricing

3. Reduce your Admin

We know how hard is it to run a dance school and so Class Manager is designed to save you both time and money by taking care of your back office jobs.


How much time you do you spend each month manually chasing up invoices and creating class registers. Let Class Manager take care of your admin, leaving you free to get on with the dancing!

Monthly student invoices and automated payments will mean students know what and when they are paying and bills will be automatically chased up, cutting down on awkward conversations with late paying parents!

(Your Hourly Rate X Time Spend Doing Admin) - Class Manager Fee = £ Saving Per Month

How to get started

Class Manager understands that making the leap to your first Dance Studio Software may seem daunting. Register today and you'll get a personal 1-to-1 demo and introduction video call with a support specialist.

Got all your information on spreadsheets? No problem, all data imports are free at Class Manager to assist you getting onboard as quickly and smoothly as possible.

To register now go to http://classmanager.com/register

£25 p/m, No Contract. Unlimited Students, Unlimited Customers

Pricing correct at the time of writing, for full upto date information please see classmanager.com